Licensed Merchandisers

Please Read Before Proceeding . . .

We appreciate your interest in being a licensed supplier to John Deere. Our company has a robust and strategic licensing process. We currently have a complete portfolio of licensed products. However, opportunities to add new suppliers occasionally occur as our business needs change.

John Deere Licensing Requirements

The first step in working with our company is to make sure you understand our high quality expectations, as well as our extensive and rigorous licensing requirements.

  1. John Deere licenses are non-exclusive.
  2. John Deere requires a guaranteed minimum royalty of $25,000 per year.
  3. Minimum combined product liability and umbrella/excess insurance is $6,000,000 without children's products; $10,000,000 for licenses that include any children's products.
  4. Sales/distribution to John Deere dealers is mandatory; licensees must be able to arrange for small order fulfillment through the John Deere dealer ordering system.
  5. Sales/distribution to John Deere dealers in Canada is mandatory and all Canadian requirements must be met and maintained.
  6. Distributors are only allowed under special circumstances; pre-approval is required.
  7. Royalty reports and payments are due monthly.
  8. Artwork submitted and approved for licensed products becomes the property of John Deere.
  9. Before the request for license is finalized, a company financial review must be completed.
  10. John Deere requires third–party code of conduct audits on all licensee factories prior to contract execution.

If you have read and agree to the above licensing requirements, you are invited to submit a John Deere license consideration form.