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Deere & Company, founded in 1837, is a Fortune500 Company. It is the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural, construction and forestry equipment with revenues of US$ 26.64 billion. The net income of the company was US$ 1.52 billion in the year 2016. John Deere spent US$ 1.39 billion on R&D in 2016.

India operations started in the year 1998, with manufacturing of tractors for sales in India and exports. John Deere markets agricultural equipment and services through a network of 19 area offices, 6 regional offices and close to 900 dealers touch points. It has 4 training centers spread across India and it exports to more than 110 countries worldwide. Headquartered at Pune, today, John Deere has eight facilities for manufacturing and services in India.

Over the years, John Deere has made significant progress in India. We have introduced various products and programme needed by the Indian farmers in various segment of the Ag value chain including, seeding, harvesting and post harvesting equipment. John Deere has the following units established in the country.

  • John Deere Pune Works, Pune, Maharashtra - Tractor Manufacturing Unit
  • John Deere Technology Centre, Pune, Maharashtra - IT and Engineering Services
  • Product Validation & Verification Centre, Pune, Maharashtra
  • John Deere Electronics Solutions, Pune, Maharashtra - Electronic control for modernizing Agriculture tractors and customer convenience
  • John Deere Sirhind Work, Sirhind, Punjab - Harvesters Manufacturing Unit
  • John Deere Dewas Works, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh - Tractor Manufacturing Unit
  • John Deere Parts Distribution Centre, Nagpur, Maharashtra – Spare Parts
  • John Deere Financials India Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra - NBFC

John Deere has a long history of designing and manufacturing quality products around the world. John Deere India has Technology Centre at Pune, which provides leading edge technology, product designs, and innovative ideas. This centre supports the company's global business in technical areas, including Information Technology, Product Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Embedded Systems and Technical Authoring.

We also bring unique partnership opportunities with the state government, industries on a PPP mode to bring technology access to the farmers who otherwise are unable to access this for modernizing their farming practices. We see this as a tested business proposition to help small farmers improve their yield and income levels.

Besides the above, John Deere is associated with the small and marginal farmers through “frugal innovation at farms” and “community betterment initiatives” through various CSR and volunteerism initiatives in India. John Deere strongly believes in empowering women/village youth engaged in farming and off-farming activities. We focus on enhancing their skills thereby providing opportunities for a better quality life.

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John Deere Technology Center

The new world-class facility offers the opportunity for careers in technical areas, including Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Product Engineering, Embedded Systems, Strategic Sourcing, and Technical Authoring.

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John Deere India Factories

World class manufacturing facilities that operate with a strong commitment to security and safety standards for employees.

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Parts Distribution Center

Ensuring Parts availability to our dealers and customers on time – every time.

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