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Why John Deere

If you're the kind of person who strives to do great work, excels in creative environments, thrives in teams, lives for problem solving and work / learn about cutting edge technologies impacting those linked to the land - this is the place for you.

At John Deere, your ideas, experiences, and values matter. You're rewarded in ways that matter: through opportunities for career growth; through experiences in an inclusive, diverse culture; through outstanding compensation and benefits programs and yes, through exceptional learning opportunities.

We pride ourselves in our 180 years of legacy and the culture that makes us a Great Place to Work. Founded in 1837, John Deere, a blacksmith and inventor, was determined to build his business based on integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. Those values live on and thrive even today. They determine the way John Deere works, the quality it offers, and the unsurpassed treatment it provides to its customers and employees.

John Deere values are foundation to its continued success. Although it's global footprint and business model is changing, the core values remain forever the bedrock of this changing landscape.

For us, “How” we do business is as important as “What” we do in our business. This is reflected in the way we conduct ourselves, treat our stakeholders and the way we hold our employees accountable through our performance management processes. Humility and Respect for each other flows through the DNA of our organization which enables us to scale new peaks and at the same manage through the troughs of our business cycles.

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No matter who you are — what race, what religion, what gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation — you are welcomed at John Deere.


Meet some of the John Deere employees and find out why they love working here.

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