Power and Technology 2.0 Launch Event

With the virtual launch of Power and Technology 2.0, John Deere India introduces two technologies, for the very first time we present AutoTrac™ in India and the GearPro Series!

John Deere AutoTrac™

John Deere AutoTrac™ is an automated vehicle guidance system that enables the Tractor to be on a predefined line or path. This advanced technology has been introduced for the very 1st time in India, as a solution to enhance infield productivity and to greatly reduced operator fatigue.

AutoTrac™ primarily consists of three major components:

4240 Precision Ag Display: The Precision Agriculture Display provides an easy to use experience to the operator. It enables the operator to look at the path which has to be followed while doing field operations. It is an open station display hence well insulated from heat, dirt and dusty condition and has been expertly designed for bright and sunny weather as well.

StarFire™ 6000 (GNSS Receiver): This component provides satellite guidance to the tractor. The high accuracy Receiver provides consistent pass to pass accuracy by using satellite based correction signal.

AutoTrac™ Steering Unit (ATU300): This is a unique steering unit, that has been expertly designed to be resistant to dust and moisture. It automatically turns, moves and rotates the steering wheel, to keep the tractor on a predefined path and ensures the tractor is running on the selected guidance line.

John Deere GearPro Series

John Deere GearPro Series brings to its customers Extra Range, by providing 4 ranges for multiple farming applications. Additionally, this series ensures delivering Extra Dum with higher backup torque for heavy duty applications.

The tractor models which are a part of this power packed series are;

5210 GearPro: John Deere 5210 GearPro™, a 50 HP tractor expertly built to provide Xtra Range and Xtra Dum !

5310 GearPro: John Deere 5310 is a 55 HP tractor designed for exceptional performance, power and reliability.

5405 GearPro: John Deere 5405 is a powerful 63 HP tractor, proficiently designed to cater big implements and heavy-duty applications.