• John Deere 5039D tractor features among 41 to 50 HP range of tractors . The John Deere Tractor 5039D has an advanced 2100rpm and 1600 kgf lifting capacity

5039 PowerPro41HP, 2100 RPM

John Deere tractor 5039, is the first tractor in the PowerPro series that brings features like dual clutch and dual PTO. Best suited for all agricultural applications including crop management like Baler.

Look Out For :

  • Power steering increases productivity for long working hours
  • Side Shift Gear Levers for ease of operation and higher comfort
  • 8F and 4R collar shift transmission for ease of the operators use

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Standard Features - 

Top shaft lubrication in gear box, Piston spray cooling jet & Rear oil axle with metal face seal are standard features in all 5D Models making these a versatile, durable & low maintenance range of tractors.

Improvement in the product is a continuous process. Hence the information given here is subject to change without prior notice. 

Accessories shown are not part of standard equipment. Please contact your nearest dealer for more detailed information.Some of the above features are optional. For more details, please refer online brochure or contact your nearest dealer.