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D Series Tractors

Our powerful new range of 5D tractors is a one stop solution to all our customers. Now available from 33HP to 55 HP ratings, these tractors are multi utility in nature, efficient in both agricultural applications as well as heavy duty haulage. These tractors include Value +++ models and PowerPro models, offering our customers a wide rage of tractors to select from.

John Deere E Series Tractors parked in the fields

E Series Tractors

5E Series tractors are available from  50HP to 75 HP to cater our farmers needs. These tractors are specially designed for heavy duty applications to handle large size implements.


Speciality Tractors

Our Speciality Tractors ranging from 28 HP to 36 HP have been expertly designed not only bring comfort, but also immense convenience in orchard farming, intercultural & puddling operations.

Super heavy duty tractors

Super Heavy Duty Tractors

Ranging from 110HP to 120HP, Super Heavy Duty Tractors have the comfort and convenience features that keep you smiling even during the longest days. In addition to high quality engineering and assembly, its PowerTech™ engine and hydraulic capacity enables our farmers to take on hard-to-handle heavy duty chores with great ease.



This is an innovative application introduced by John Deere that enables you to stay connected with your tractor, anytime anywhere.

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