John Deere Coolant

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The ultimate year-round protection for your cooling system. Keeps your engine cool and increases engine life

How John Deere Coolant is best for your machine?

The engine is the heart of your equipment. It’s absolutely essential it functions effectively throughout its expected life for a reliable and efficient performance of your equipment. The burning of fuel generates power and heat. This heat gets transferred to the engine and its components. It becomes necessary to have a cooling system to maintain optimum temperature within the engine. This cooling system needs to operate efficiently under extreme pressures and temperatures.

John Deere equipment are equipped with an advanced cooling system which uses a specially formulated coolant for optimum performance and maintenance-free long life of the engine. John Deere coolant is a perfect blend of specially formulated coolant conditioner, anti-corrosion additives and anti-foaming agents. This is available as ready to use, pre-mixed with a fixed percentage of de-mineralized water.