John Deere 3036 EN35 HP, 2800 RPM

John Deere 3036EN is a 35 HP multipurpose tractor. It is best suited for vineyards, vegetable crops and inter-culture operations. Its slender design and power packed engine provides excellent fuel efficiency and productivity.

Look Out For:

  • Better Engine power producing torque of 17-28%
  • High lifting capacity of 910 kgf
  • Narrow Track width ensures low turning radius which is ideal for vineyards and orchards.
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JOHN DEERE 3036 EN (With Wider Tires)


John Deere 3036EN Tractor | 35HP Multipurpose Tractor with Wider Tires

Experience superior performance and maneuverability with the John Deere 3036EN tractor. Featuring 35HP and wider tires for various agricultural tasks.


Look Out For:

  • Better Engine power producing torque of 17-28%
  • High lifting capacity of 910 kgf
  • Best in class turning radius of 1.63 m
  • Increased front ground clearance of 320 mm which is suitable for working in difficult & wet conditions
  • Wider radial tubeless tires resulting in low ground pressure and less soil compaction 


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Type - 35 HP (25.9 kW), 2800 RPM, 3 Cylinders, Coolant cooled with overflow reservoir, Naturally Aspirated
Air Filter - Dry type, Dual element 


Clutch - Single 
Gear Box - 8 Forward + 8 Reverse FNR Sync Reverser / Collar Reverser 
Forward Speeds - (Rear tires 280/85 R20  1.6 km/h to 19.3 km/h)
Reverse Speeds - (Rear tires 280/85 R20  1.5 km/h to 18.4 km/h)
Overall width (Rear tires) - 1248 mm
Overall width (Front tires) - 1235 mm

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