D Series Tractors

D Series Tractors

5D Series Tractors

5D series tractors are available in 36 to 50 HP ratings and are suitable for multi utility applications, optimized performance for Agricultural application and heavy duty haulage. These tractors  brings  power of  value +++ , that means More Productive , More Torque and better fuel efficiency for all kind of agricultural work. With an engine horsepower range from 36HP to 50 HP, these tractors are built to exceed your toughest expectations.

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John Deere 5036D Tractor


5036D is multi-utility, Powerful 36HP tractor with best in its class performance. Unmatched technology & work at suitable Price. (multi - utility)

John Deere 5038D Tractor


If you are looking for fuel efficient tractor in this HP point, 5038D will provide you with   greater comfort, efficiency, performance, and versatility above expectation (Fuel efficient)

John Deere 5039D Tractor


With some of the best standard features in its class 5039D provides mechanization to small land holding customers.  With an engine of 39 HP this tractor is built to exceed your toughest expectations.

John Deere 5042D Tractor


5042 D Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days; the engine power and hydraulic capacity to take on hard-to-handle chores; and the quality of engineering, assembly, and components you expect from John Deere.

John Deere 5045D Tractor


Made for high-hour users who demand all-day comfort and the ultimate level of performance. 5045D tractor is the best choice. This tractor is also available in 4WD for more Power and excellent traction. (Comfort & performance)

John Deere 5050 Tractor


This tractor brings comfort in maneuvering for all kind of modern equipment’s like plows, balers, hydraulic plows and harrows. 5050D Tractors come with all the features, power and performance you want in a utility tractor in a size that’s just right for the field. This tractor is also available in 4WD for more Power and excellent traction. (Versatile implement and attachment)

** All the 5D series tractor comes with 2+1 years or 3000 hrs. Of warranty on Tractors.