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5075E PowerTech™74 HP, 2100 RPM

John Deere CAB tractors have been designed to provide the customers with a tractor that not only has an international look, but is also technologically advanced. John Deere 5075E is the most powerful and versatile 74 HP John Deere tractor. Loaded with a robust PowerTech engine, this tractor complies with the TREM IV emission norms.

Look Out For :

  • New styling hood with LED headlamp
  • Dual Engine Mode switch (Economy & Standard)
  • Increased lifting capacity (2500kgs)

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5075 Tractor Front

5075E PowerTech™ Tractor

This heavy-duty tractor has multiple gear options making it suitable for agriculture as well as non-agriculture applications like loader, dozer, and tractor-mounted combine(TMC)


5075e Tractor Right Angle

  • Longer service interval of Engine (500 Hours)
  • Electronically controlled Engine

5075e Tractor Right


  • Dual Torque Mode
  • Longer service interval
  • Combination Switch
  • Wider platform with rear floor extensions 
  • CleanPro™ for enhanced cooling

Perma Clutch

PermaClutch Dual Clutch Dual PTO

This industry exclusive feature provides great value to the customers in terms of uptime due to its Durability, Reliability, Ease of operation and Lower operating cost. These models are best suitable in applications like TMC, Mulcher, Rotary Tiller, Power Harrow, etc.


JDLink - Operations Center

JD Link is an innovative application introduced by John Deere, that enables you to check your tractors health and stay connected with your tractor, anytime anywhere


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Type - John Deere 3029H, 57 HP (42 kW), 2100 RPM, 3 Cylinders, Turbo Charged, HPCR fuel injection system, Coolant cooled with overflow reservoir
Air Filter - Dry Type, Dual element

CleanPro™ :

1.Enhanced Cooling Efficiency :

 The reversible fan helps in maintaining optimal engine operating temperature by reversing the airflow, especially in applications with excessive debris or when working in high-temperature conditions. This effectively prevents overheating and ensures efficient cooling.

2.Reduced Downtime :

By clearing debris from the radiator screen & front grill, the reversible fan minimizes the need for manual cleaning and reduces the risk of engine overheating or downtime due to debris blockage.

3.Improved Productivity :

Customers can experience increased operational efficiency and productivity as the reversible fan system helps prevent interruptions caused by overheating and debris build-up.

4.Extended Engine Life :

By maintaining optimal operating temperatures and preventing overheating, the reversible fan can contribute to prolonged engine life and reduced wear and tear on engine components.

5.Reversible fan :

Hood screen and radiator cleaning.


Clutch - Dual clutch, Dry clutch, EH clutch (optional)
Gear box - 12F + 4R (GearPro Speed)
                   12F + 12R (PowrReverser Speed)
                    9F + 3R (Creeper Speed)
Speed Options - GearPro Speed- 1.9 to 32.6 Kmph, PowerReverser Speed- 1.4 to 31.3 Kmph and Creeper Speed- 0.35 to 0.87 Kmph.


Brakes - Oil immersed disc brakes


Maximum Lifting capacity - 2500 kgf


Type - Power steering / Tilt steering option (Open operator station), Power steering / Tilt & Telescopic steering (Cab)

Power Take off

Type - Independent, 6 Splines
Standard - 540 @ 2100 ERPM
                   540 @ 1600 ERPM

Wheels and Tyres

Open operators station: Front - 12.4 x 24, 8 PR, Rear - 18.4 x 30, 12 PR
Cab: Front - 11.2 x 24, 8 PR, Rear - 16.9 x 30, 12 PR

Fuel Tank Capacity

Open operators station - 71 ltr & Cab- 82 ltr

Electrical System

85 Ah, 12 V battery, Cold charging Amphere - 800 CCA
60 Amp, alternator
12V, 2,5 Kv starter motor

Dimensions and Weight

Total weight - 2WD - 2450kgs . 4WD - 2700 kgs
Wheel base - 2050 mm
Overall length - 3678 mm
Overall Width - 1982 mm
Ground clearance - 2WD : 520 mm 4WD : 425 mm

5075 Tractor 3D Experience

Tractor AR

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Virtual Dealership

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What is the price of John Deere 5075?

John Deere tractor price ranges from Rs.4.80 lakhs to Rs.29 lakhs. Contact your nearest dealer to know more

What is the HP of John Deere 5075?

John Deere 5075 is a powerful 74 HP tractor equipped with advanced technology. Its powerful turbocharged engine delivers higher lift capacity and unmatched power.

What are John Deere 5075 features?

John Deere 5075 has the following features :

  • Dual Torque Mode
  • Longer service interval
  • Combination Switch
  • Wider platform with rear floor extensions 

Is John Deere 5075 a 2WD Tractor?

Yes, John Deere 5075E comes in a 2WD option

Is John Deere 5075E 4WD Tractor?

Yes, John Deere 5075 comes in a 4WD option

What is John Deere CAB tractor?

John Deere CAB tractors have been designed to provide the customers with a tractor that not only has an international look, but is also technologically advanced. The four post ROPS gives complete safety and comfort. Features like/ heating, ventilation and air conditioning ensures the operators comfort in cold and hot working conditions. It’s dust free, noise free and waterproof isolated sealed glass keeps the operator comfortable for longer working hours and enhances productivity.

Additionally features like SCV levers, PC & DC lever, hand Accelerator, EH PTO switch, cup holder/bottle holder and  RH Console provide ultimate comfort to access all controls. Moreover there are other features like adjustable deluxe seat with armrest and seat belt , weight adjustment, Height adjustment ,  seat back recliner and swinging out rear door.