Total Rewards

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Our Philosophy – Pay for Performance

At John Deere, we believe in the Total Rewards approach.  Total rewards aligns with our company strategy of fostering a high-performance environment by rewarding employees for helping to achieve our company objectives.


Our Approach – Total Rewards

While there are several elements of total rewards, the value that each of us perceives is as unique as the individual


This Total Rewards approach allows us to attract, develop and retain the best global talent from all backgrounds to support our global growth ambitions while maintaining strong company performance. Our comprehensive set of rewards supports the physical, emotional and financial well-being of our employees.


Elements of Total Rewards

Base Pay

  • Fixed salary you receive in exchange of your contributions
  • Influenced by your performance
  • Internal and external equity
  • Competitive at the market place

Employee development

  • Help you reach your fullest potential
  • Employee driven and manager supported
  • Training calendar, leadership interventions, coaching/mentoring

Meaningful work

  • Part of diverse global team committed to supporting higher quality of life around the world
  • Clear goals with linkage to Organizational objectives
  • Diversity, inclusion, teamwork

Variable Pay

  • Potential for exceptional pay when company performance is exceptional
  • Positions us at top quartile of the market


  • Provide market competitive benefits
  • Individual flexibility for additional cover
  • We provide multitude of benefits, some of which are time/location flexibility, term life insurance, medical cover, accident cover, superannuation program, National Pension System, Car lease policy, sabbatical etc.

Credible Leadership

  • Create a compelling vision for future success
  • Act with character and integrity, demonstrating our core values
  • Have the knowledge skills and ability to advance our great company
  • Support diversity and inclusion


  • Committed to your health and safety, on and off the job
  • Focus on overall well-being, including physical, emotional, spiritual, financial well-being


  • Propagate a culture of recognition
  • Appreciate employee contributions
  • Foster team work and high performance culture

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