JDLink™ – A Connectivity Solution

Stay connected with your tractor through the Operations Center App. Download the latest Operations Center App on your mobile device, which provides advanced technology and enables you to monitor your tractors in real time, all at your fingertips.

JDLink™ Features :

  • Tractor health alerts
  • Locate your tractor with ease
  • Easy field work documentation
  • Monitor & Protect your tractor
  • Easy Fleet Management



JDLink App

Operations Center App is available for all PowerTech™ models. Click to view related products 5310 PowerTech™, 5405 PowerTech™, 5075 PowerTech™, 5405 PowerTech™ and AC Cabin, 5075 PowerTech™AC Cabin tractor.

JDLink™ Field Installation Kit

The JDLink™  field installation kit is a comprehensive solution provided by John Deere for efficient data collection and management in agricultural operations. This kit includes hardware components such as JDLink™  device, wiring harness, and mounting accessories that enable seamless integration with John Deere equipment.

JDLink™ Field Installation Kit BSJ10720 is for PowerTech™ Open-Operator-Station Tractors – 5310 PowerTech ™, 5405 PowerTech ™, 5075 PowerTech

Jd link kit modem

Look Out For:

  • Tractor Health Alerts- Machine security without interruption
  • Track and Trace- 24/7 Remote Tracking
  • Field Work Documentation- Customers will get detailed work reports
  • Monitor your tractor- right operation for productivity improvement
  • Uptime and proactive dealer support- Protect tractor and preventive maintenance support

By installing this kit on PowerTech™  tractors, farmers and contractors can leverage advanced technologies to monitor machine performance, track field activities, and optimize operational efficiency. The data collected through JDLink can be accessed and analyzed on the John Deere website, allowing users to make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Overall, the JDLink field installation kit offers a user-friendly and reliable solution for enhancing productivity, reducing downtime, and maximizing the potential of agricultural machinery.

Download Anubhuti App to order the kit online : Anubhuti - Apps on Google Play