LED Lights

LED Flashlight with Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up

  • Ideal for picking up metallic objects in hard to reach & dark places
  • Built-in magnet for easy picking up of light metallic parts

John Deere LED Flashlight with Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up

LED Flashlight

  • Ideal tool box accessory for maintenance professionals, mechanics, drivers, supervisors etc.

John Deere LED Flashlight


LED Dry Cell Inspection Lamp

  • Strong magnet attaches to most metal surfaces
  • Swivel hook adjusts to different angles

John Deere LED Dry Cell Inspection Lamp

LED Head Light

  • Bright LED Head Light with 8 White LED's (12 Lumens) & 1 Red flashing LED
  • Beam Distance: 10 meters
  • Ideal for hands free work in automotive, plant maintenance, construction sites, mining etc.

John Deere LED Head Light

Grease Guns

Mini Pistol Grease Gun - Deluxe

  • Two discharge Ports
  • Pistol grip handle for one hand operation
  • Easy pull out grip
  • All steel powder coated body for longer life
  • CNC machined aluminum die cast head
  • Delivers 0.40 gm. / stroke
  • 3500 PSI

John Deere Mini Pistol Grease Gun

Lever Grease Gun

  • Aluminum die cast head with built-in air release valve
  • Capacity: 500 gms bulk / 4000 gms cartridge
  • Delivers 1gm/stroke
  • 6000 PSI

John Deere Lever Grease Gun

Premium Lever Grease Gun

  • 10,000 PSI

John Deere Premium Lever Grease Gun

Flexible Grease Hose

  • Grease hoses allow greasing access to nipples with limited reach. Due to their flexible construction, these are used for greasing hard to reach grease fittings.

John Deere Flexible Grease Hose

Grease Fittings

  • Heat treated greasing ends and spring for increased life
  • Comes with ball check for contamination free greasing

John Deere Grease Fittings

Grease Fitting Caps

  • Plastic caps for grease fittings are an easy way to keep contaminants out

John Deere Grease Fitting Caps

Easy Out Tools

  • Handy, dual purpose tools for removing worn & broken grease fittings as well as re-tapping holes for installing new grease fittings

John Deere dual purpose tools

Hydraulic Couplers - Heavy Duty

  • Recommended for use with air grease guns

John Deere Hydraulic Couplers

Other Accessories

Oil Can

  • Tin coated steel body in blue powder coated finish
  • Steel pump with double ball check
  • Capacity: 500ml

John Deere Oil Can

Pen Type Pressure Gauge

  • Compact pocket size air pressure gauge. Pressure range from 10 - 50 PSI. Metallic wear & tear resistant body

John Deere Pen Type Pressure Gauge

Portable Fuel Filter

  • Dirty Fuel In, Pure Fuel Out.

John Deere Portable Fuel Filter