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Implement Financing

Customized solutions for agriculture and commercial farmers
We are not merely selling products. We offer customized solutions that help farmers achieve their desired level of efficiency. When lending to farmers, John Deere Financial considers the farmer’s income sources and financial strength, alongside the production value of the farm as a whole and may finance up to 50%-60% on matching implements and attachments.

Flexible lending periods
Flexibility in the lending period translates into affordability for the farmer. We fund up to a 5 year tenure.

Convenient and flexible repayment structures
John Deere Financial knows and understands the cyclical nature of agriculture. We understand that cash flow is the life of a business. And by supporting a healthy cash flow, we promote healthy growth of your farming enterprise. We offer monthly or quarterly and semi-annual installments based on a farmer’s cropping pattern and cash flow to best suit their need.

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