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John Deere Technology Center

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John Deere has a long history of designing and manufacturing quality products around the world. The John Deere Technology Center in Pune, India is an addition to this long history and provides leading edge technology, product designs, and innovative ideas to support the company's global business.

The new world-class facility offers the opportunity for careers in technical areas, including Information Technology, Product Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Embedded Systems and Technical Authoring. The facility includes multiple functional organizations, with a focus on delivering the highest quality global shared services to John Deere business units worldwide.

The John Deere Technology Center - India (JD TCI) started in February 2005 in incubation facility. Soon after, a new building started rising as Tower XIV of Cybercity in Magarpatta City. After moving into the building in mid - December 2005, the facility was inaugurated on January 11, 2006. Today JD TCI is a group of 2000+ highly skilled engineers supporting all the John Deere products being produced at various factories across globe.


JDTCI always strive towards using the latest and the best technology for design and development of its products and create the great place of work for its employees.


Information Technology

Information technology is the heart of Deere's operations worldwide. The Information Technology department at the technology center supports all the Deere operations' applications development, sustenance engineering and customer support. Practice areas are very diverse, offering employees at the technology center ability to grow as the organization grows. The beginning practice areas are Java, SAP, database and COBOL, and they continue to expand to meet the expanding needs of the Deere Enterprise.

The department has a vision to expand the IT capabilities to provide competitive edge to John Deere. The mission is to build robust scalable and globally aligned business processes and IT systems to deliver innovative frugal solutions by leveraging premier talent, highly engaged workforce and proximity to region 1 to meet defined business objective.

Engineering Services

Engineering services department at TCI has a strength of 600+ highly skilled & technically competent engineers providing expertise in the area of product and sub system designs, analysis and simulation, physical product validations, etc. Apart from this, engineering services group holds responsibility of design and development of construction industry products targeting India & near countries market. The key competencies being nurtured at Engineering services are structural design, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, physical validation, hydraulics, engine & drivetrain design, electrical system engineering, cooling systems, etc.

Innovation, cost, quality and customer focus remain the foundational elements of the Engineering Services group while providing services in design and development of the John Deere products for worldwide markets. The group aspires to grow continuously in its value migration journey through development of new competencies and providing the latest technology solutions.

Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing services is consistently delivering cost effective and innovative solution in the area of Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Engineering and Operations Engineering. The departments focus in the area of Virtual Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing is helping John Deere Enterprise to add the dimension of digital engineering in the portfolio. Data Analytics, Simulations, Predictive Engineering Solutions, Tools and Fixture Design, Operations engineering, Quality Engineering are the areas where our engineers are setting the benchmarks in industry. Exceptional responsiveness and our commitment to deliver best in class solutions are helping Manufacturing Services to achieve exceptional customer experience. Manufacturing Services is playing vital role in New Product Development, Process Development and Facility development. Our key resources are our engineers and we are leveraging the premier talent in India for noble purpose of, Engineering to those who are linked to land and prosperity of our customers across the globe. We at Manufacturing Services are committed to Provide World Class Manufacturing Solutions to John Deere Enterprise.

Embedded Systems

A group of 240+ electronic engineers at John Deere India Technology Center Pune, working on different technologies in the area of embedded systems to provide cutting edge embedded solutions to John Deere units worldwide. The group has various functional capabilities like software architecture design & development, Electronics hardware design, electrical system engineering, and embedded software product verification & validation (PV&V). Embedded software includes development for various complex systems such as close loop control systems, high end graphics user interface (GUI) displays and other control systems for off-high way vehicles like Harvesters, Sprayers, Tractors, Backhoe, etc. Software development is done with latest technology trends like model based software development (MBSD), AUTOSAR etc. Electrical system design includes designing of electrical system architecture for different vehicles. Electronic design includes hardware design of electronic controllers & electronic sensors. PV&V includes creating infrastructure for test automation for software in loop (SIL), model in loop (MIL) and hardware in loop (HIL).  It includes developing product testing plans & carries out complete embedded software product verification & validation. – Electronic design group has expertise/experience of designing controllers, midlevel displays for various Deere product and offer end to end solutions. This Group is involved in entire life cycle of embedded system design.

Technical Information Authoring Center

Technical authoring is an essential part of the world class customer support John Deere provides worldwide. Technical Information Authoring Center (TIAC) at the John Deere Technology Center India is responsible for authoring Parts Catalogs of various JD Equipment manufactured in JD factories worldwide. This information is useful to dealers and users of John Deere equipment to optimize machine uptime. Technical repair manuals, Operator's manuals and Diagnostic manuals are also authored for some machines & Powertrains. TIAC internally supports systems, processes and standards for authoring by collaborating with IT team for development of systems used for information development & delivery. Striving to provide up-to-date information to Dealers & Customers worldwide by using cutting edge technologies.

Technical information development requires in-depth knowledge of complex machines. To develop this capability, TIAC uses various factory / training facilities for gaining hands on experience. In India, TIAC collaborates with India training center, engineering facilities & joint venture partner and leverages Virtual Reality lab for enriching knowledge of worldwide products.


Virtual Reality Lab

Virtual Reality Lab

John Deere India, have the latest of technologies in virtual validation of the product at various phases of the product lifecycle.

The virtual reality lab; the usage of the VR LAB at technology center is a great asset for virtual product verification and the decision making platform to the product stake holders. This immersive and interactive environment gives an edge to foresee and rectify the probable issues and constraints getting carried through to prototype and to the customer at an early stage. This lab allows the skillful engineers to have a wholesome review of the product at all stages both engineering and manufacturing point of view, along with experienced supervisor’s guidance and providing inputs to make the product with adequate quality and optimal design.

Immersive environment for product enables the best of class reviews and customer reviews an easy way of bringing the product to realization.  This technology is proving an asset to reduce physical builds and prototypes.

Bringing the best of talent available in all of the functionalities for the products that are supported from India for John Deere both, nationally and internationally virtually verified and tested before it is under production.

Embedded Systems laboratory

Embedded Systems department at technology center Pune has a fully equipped lab to support various developments and test activities for the complex electronics in Deere products. The lab helps to carry out embedded product/software verification with various capabilities like

Embedded Systems laboratory
  • Hardware in loop (HIL)
  • Test automation
  • supporting component level testing
  • Sub-system level testing
  • Automated Vision based Software testing for low spec displays/clusters
  • Hydraulic Test bench for electro-hydraulic systems
  • Mobile GPS lab
  • Electronic Design Lab & Component Product verification & Validation lab.

To support these capabilities, the lab has a strong infrastructure with more than 10 different hardware in loop (HIL) test systems. This infrastructure is utilized to deliver high quality software to all John Deere units. In GPS lab, software Product Verification and Validation (PV&V) of John Deere’s line of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers is performed. Static & Dynamic testing of GPS systems is carried out GPS Lab. Electronic design & Component PV&V lab provides capabilities of compliance testing.

Product verification and Validation, Construction and Forestry Division

Construction and Forestry Division Construction and Forestry Division

Testing of heavy construction equipment requires specialized skills, facilities and great understanding of machine systems and customer expectations. The C&F PV&V team is working on testing of Construction machines in India supporting new product development and introduction for India and across the globe.

Team has in-house capability and facilities to conduct full machine test on most of the construction machines in-house. Tests are performed in all the functional area of a machine hydraulics, structures, Engine & Auxiliaries, Electrical, machine performance and homologation. Team has multichannel data acquisition system that can acquire hundreds of parameters at very high sampling speed simultaneously and instruments that measures in high accuracy and precision. Team has built excellent partnership with universities, test labs in India to support lab tests leveraging the external test capabilities. In-house facility spread in acres is specifically designed and constructed for testing of heavy and massive earth moving machines. In addition to this, team is developing test procedures and test rigs to conduct tests that are representative of customer and market expectations.

With this capability closely integrated with product engineering and helping in new product development, value engineering and product improvements, JD TCI is now able to deliver integrated product offering.

Quality Planning and Predictive Engineering

Quality Planning and Predictive Engineering

Data analytics Techniques, Simulations, Digital manufacturing applications, Metrology focus are helping John Deere Businesses globally to build inherent quality in our products. The teams focus on predictive engineering is helping to make the product first time right by avoiding the predictive failures.

Emerging Technology Focus

Emerging Technology Focus

Our engineering focus in Additive Engineering, Augmented reality is giving added advantage for new product and process development. The focus on innovation is helping us to deliver high technical value to our customers.

Manufacturing Engineering - Factory Support

Manufacturing Engineering - Factory Support

Manufacturing Services Engineers are supporting the John Deere facilities globally in project planning and executions. Our engineers are supporting the product and process development programs on the shop floor.

Engineering Services Virtual Validation

Finite Element Analysis
Finite Element Analysis

Upfront structural analysis based on various finite element methods is performed for all Deere product lines. Major strengths of FE analysis are:

  • Fatigue Life Analysis
  • Structural Optimization
  • Explicit analysis / Non linear
  • Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Simulation
  • Harmonic and modal analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics methodologies are employed to evaluate product functioning. Major competencies for CFD are:

  • Complete Fluid Flow & Thermal Analysis
  • Design Solutions Based on Flow Simulation
  • Under hood cooling analysis
  • 1D Thermal Analysis of Cooling Systems
  • Integrated FEA + CFD system analysis solutions
  • CFD + EDEM coupled simulation

Product Design Services

Product Design Services Product Design Services

Engineering services group is offering product design and development of various John Deere products being manufactured across globe. The key competencies include:

  • Off-Highway Vehicle Design
  • System and component Design
  • Structural engineering
  • Operator station / Cab Design
  • Hydraulics
  • Cooling systems
  • Engine & Drivetrain design
  • Product Safety & Standards
  • Physical PV&V
  • Electrical Engineering