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Asia Technology Innovation Center

Innovation is one of the four core values of John Deere. The Global Technology Innovation Network (GTIN) drives innovation throughout the enterprise with technology innovation centers located around the world. Asia Technology Innovation Center (ATIC) is a node of GTIN, focused on building advanced capabilities, driving innovation projects, creating a technology innovation ecosystem and nurturing innovation Culture. ATIC works closely with Technology Center India (TCI) and the R1 business units to conduct research and develop technologies for R1 customers and the enterprise at large.

ATIC aims to scout for opportunities through strategic regional initiatives like strategic innovation roadmaps, carrying out emerging technology studies for India collaborating with the country universities and understanding the Intellectual Property (IP) strategies of the region.

Within ATIC there are various Advanced Capabilities namely Materials, Systems Engineering, User Experience, Enterprise Advanced Marketing and others. We build the capabilities by leveraging TCI talent pool and develop the multi-functional teams. ATIC is also determined to drive operational efficiency and optimization for the business with innovations in the manufacturing and factory processes.