Become a Dealer

A John Deere dealer, for most of our customers, is the true face of our company. Most dealerships are independently owned, hiring local employees who bring John Deere values to life. That's important. Because our dealerships must be as diverse as the communities they serve.

You'll find dealerships worldwide that provide equipment and services for the agricultural business, industrial applications, or for homeowners. Many have a combination of those. Yet all share the same themes of quality and commitment for the John Deere customer.

John Deere dealers must understand and respond to their local customers' needs. This is why we take great strides in recruiting high-caliber individuals with diverse backgrounds to take on the John Deere brand. In fact, in the United States, John Deere dealerships are owned and operated by people of African-American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic descent. A significant number of dealerships are owned by women.

Benefits of Owning a John Deere Dealership

A John Deere dealership sign as seen from below

Brand Recognition

One of the biggest competitive advantages for our dealers is the John Deere name and brand. Since 1837, the name John Deere has stood for quality products and service.

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Training and Development

To help dealers succeed, a number of employee-training programs are available. Topics include product information, parts and technical training, financial and business management, and marketing and sales.

A John Deere sign at the front of a dealership


While a number of factors can influence dealership profitability, such as location and market strength, many of our dealers can attest that investment in a John Deere dealership can provide tremendous financial opportunities.

A line up of John Deere riding mowers on the dealership floor

Full Product Line

John Deere dealers offer full-service product lines of agriculture and turf, and construction and forestry equipment. Along with those products, they have access to a superior parts distribution network, solid technical support, and award-winning advertising and promotion. Add our field support, sales, and marketing staffs, and you have a winning combination.

Independently Owned Dealerships

Most John Deere dealerships are independently owned. John Deere equipment is sold to distributors, dealers, and associated companies for resale around the world.

The sale of a John Deere dealership is privately negotiated between the owner and the prospective buyer. However, dealers do have a contract with either Deere & Company (for agricultural and commercial & consumer equipment dealerships) or John Deere Construction & Forestry Division (for construction and forestry equipment dealerships) to sell its products. Therefore, the issuance of a dealer contract is subject to approval by John Deere. This ensures that the prospective buyer will have sufficient resources and will adequately represent the John Deere brand and product in the marketplace.