John Deere India Sustainability

Global food challenge with declining arable land :

With nearly 10 billion people expected to inhabit the globe by 2050, research shows that global food demand will rise by 70 percent. At the same time, the availability of arable land continues to decline, so that means we need to produce more food on less land.
Feeding the world – and doing so sustainably at each and every opportunity -In our Products and in our factory.


Sustainable processes in our Factory :

John Deere India takes pride in its processes and procedures that are followed in our mega factories. Given below are a couple of them :

  • Rainwater harvesting in the factory : The process ensure the collection and storage of rain, rather than allowing it to run off.
  • Solar Panels : Large scale usage of Solar Panels in the factory. The assists in absorbing the sun's rays and converts them into electricity or heat.
  • Waste management : Both Dry and Wet waste is efficiently discarded or recycled and then used in all factory related purposes, thus reducing water pollution.


Reduction and controlling Pollution :

  • Air Pollution :
    With the launch of John Deere India’s Trem- lV, air pollution can be combated and tackled efficiently. Given below is the product range






  • Noise Pollution :
    Government sanctioned & recommended guidelines followed for in all John Deere factories & products.


Sustainability thru our Products :

Our farmers plant millions of seeds in the farming operations and many of the seeds go waste due to adverse weather and environment conditions. To counter this, John Deere India has come up with a wide range of products that ensures the farmers can avoid wastage of resources and set an optimal foundation for the plant’s success.

Given below are such products that John Deere India has been able to bring into the market to ensure sustainability.