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Asia Technology Innovation Center

Innovation is one of the four core values of John Deere. The real innovation challenge for a company the size of John Deere is to encourage a risk taking culture while continuing to focus on a disciplined drive towards delivering shareholder value. Our Agriculture and Construction businesses have significant growth opportunities globally, and those opportunities will demand focus on both our current product portfolios and on developing innovative new capabilities, products and services. The Global Technology Innovation Network (GTIN) is our internal organization that helps drive innovation throughout the enterprise with innovation centers located around the world.

The Asia Technology Innovation Center (ATIC) in Pune is the regional hub of the Global Technology Innovation Network (GTIN) and is positioned to:

  • Provide unique differentiation for our customers in  Asia and China
  • Develop new technology capabilities for the Enterprise
  • Drive a culture of innovation  within the John Deere organization across India and China

The key ATIC focus areas are:

  • Product differentiation through leap and frugal project initiatives
  • Understanding breakthrough customer needs  and business models by working in the front-end of innovation
  • Regional focus for agronomy, systems engineering, materials engineering services and frugal solutions
  • Building capabilities by leveraging the entire John Deere Technology Center India (TCI) talent pool and  developing the needed multi-functional teams


The Asia Technology Innovation Center (ATIC) like the other GTIN centers has an Advanced Marketing group and a Product Technology and Innovation group. The Advanced Marketing group works towards identifying unarticulated customer needs and then defining the related customer value proposition. The Product Technology and Innovation group is focused on connecting internal technologies as well as leveraging external capabilities. Through efficient collaboration, this group aims at developing potential technology solutions addressing important customer needs. The business dynamics in India, China, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are clearly different from the other John Deere regions. ATIC strives to identify and subsequently work on projects that are well aligned to strategic priorities by focusing on key regional customer value chains and key customer segments. ATIC is also determined to drive operational efficiency and optimization for the business with innovations in the manufacturing and factory processes.


Finally, ATIC aims at continuously scouting for high impact areas of opportunity through strategic regional initiatives like strategic innovation roadmaps, carrying out emerging technology studies for India and China, collaborating with the country universities and understanding the Intellectual Property (IP) strategies of the region.